Borderline Inappropriate

MAGNOTRONIC is a weekly podcast featuring comedian Maggie Faris and company, with guests from the comedy community, arts scene, or life in general.

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Helena Balcziak is not from New York


PiƱatas, balloons, cake, and beer with comedian Helena Balcziak

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Maggie and Drew Hehir pick up chicks


Donkeys, athletics, and comedy under bridges with comedian Drew Hehir

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This podcast is completely unusable with Ryan Kahl and Michael Daubs


We tread the borderline inappropriate tagline and make full use of the explicit label as we talk boxing, pudding, and fashion with comedians Michael Daubs and Ryan Kahl

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Madi Tentinger would climb mountains for real if we had any


Alter egos, interns, and part-time vegetarians with comedian Madi Tentinger

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