Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset

The BPHS1 combines stereo headphones with a dynamic microphone. Using a headset instead of separate mic and headphones lets the talent move around freely without having to be right up on a stationary microphone. This helps create more of a natural feeling of sitting around having a conversation. The removable cable has a 1/4″ headphone output connector and an XLR microphone output connector.


Tascam DR-60D 4-Channel Portable Recorder

We record to Adobe Audition on the MacBook Pro as the main recording method but this is our backup device. It has saved us several times. This unit is really meant to be used attached to a DSLR camera but the boxy design fits well with our setup. We have it mounted on a small mic stand with a heavy base. This is also in our travel kit when we leave the MacBook Pro at home.


XENYX Q1202USB Mixer

This was our first mixer. It’s a nice, compact mixer that makes a great entry-level mixer while still allowing up to four XLR microphone inputs. We take this one one the road.


Pelican 1514 Carry On Case

For podcasting on-the-go. It fits a small mixer, four headsets, and various cables. It can be carried on a plane and fits in the overhead bin so you don’t have to check your gear. It has wheels and an extending handle so it’s just like regular luggage only a lot more durable. We’ve had it to both coasts without any problem.


Apple MacBook Pro 15″ (non-retina)

This is the last MacBook Pro with a FireWire jack. We use it as the main recording device via Adobe Audition.


Apple iPad mini

We use the iPad mini for sound effect and music playback. It sits in a holder mounted to a short microphone stand with heavy base.


Behringer HA400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

From the mixer headphone jack, this device splits the feed to each headset while also allowing individual volume control.

micmuteROLLS MicMute MM11

Installed inline between the microphone connector and the mixer, this simple switch allows each user to temporarily mute themselves. It’s meant for coughs specifically but it’s also good for muting while taking a sip of water or adjusting your microphone.


Adobe Audition

We use Adobe Audition as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Audition makes it easy to combine multiple clips and tracks into one mix and we also use it to edit each episode.